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 Maintaining the Wiki

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PostSubject: Maintaining the Wiki   Maintaining the Wiki EmptyWed 10 Aug - 21:45

Hello all,

As you may know, we have a Wiki containing documentation, tutorials and generally helpful information about Multiverse.

However, it has not been updated in a while, and so if you know your stuff about Multiverse (whether you're a programmer or modeller), it would be really appreciated if you could go on there and add a few things, make sure various bits of code are correct, and so on.

As a community, it would be great if we could achieve the following:

Programming Tutorials - there aren't many tutorials on the Wiki, and the tutorials that are on there are either difficult for a beginner to understand, or are for sections of an MMO's development that wouldn't be needed for a while down the line. We need more tutorials that are focussed at the beginner, and generally look at the beginning of the development pipeline

Modelling Tutorials - I will be adding some more soon, but some more tutorials on modelling things that are likely to be modelled for projects, such as weapons, buildings, characters, trees and so on. Also, a good spread of different modelling applications, as not everyone can afford 3DS Max or Maya!
With this particular section, there are plenty of good tutorials on places like YouTube, so it's just a matter of finding the right ones that are easy to follow - I will personally be heading this part of the Wiki additions, as I know more about modelling than I do about programming!

For the moment, I will try and create a good modelling tutorials section, and make a a list of headers for the different tutorials. If you find any good ones whilst you're roaming online, please check out the Wiki and see if you can add it. Even if you've found one, and there's already another similar tutorial on there, just add it anyway, and we'll let the users decided which one they prefer.

To get to the Wiki, just click the Wiki button on the navigation bar underneath the forum logo!

Cheers all,

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Maintaining the Wiki
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