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 Road Map Status

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AWM Mars
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Well-Known Member
AWM Mars

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Road Map Status Empty
PostSubject: Road Map Status   Road Map Status EmptyWed 6 Jun - 17:47

Is there available, some sort of roadmap showing the status development, of the various components, that make up MV?

As programmers, you may have a 'global' vision of the current state of play, verses the workload ahead. The 'finish stage line' I'm visualising is whereby a user could download and install the whole set of tools, including a predictable installation of a server in which to run a world of their own, that they have created with the tools, and be able to invite other users.
You may consider that possible at the moment, but by user, I mean someone like me, an artist (non-programmer), who will be looking to team up with someone who can look after the support elements.

I do not wish to distract your time from what you are doing, but ask for a 'visual snap shot' as an overall status picture, on say a monthly basis?
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Road Map Status Empty
PostSubject: Re: Road Map Status   Road Map Status EmptyFri 8 Jun - 7:14

There's no formal roadmap yet, but I've been working on making things easier to set up, run, and connect to.

I haven't been able to get my own world up and going on a server that people can register on and connect to yet, but I'm close. Been fixing glitches or documenting things at every stage of the process... but there's still more to do. So far this seems to be my last major hurdle: https://multiverse.forumotion.co.uk/t151-so-near-but-so-far#997

I imagine once I can get a server set up using nothing but the source code in the repository then it'll be time for us to look at pushing new builds to SourceForge, because anything that's still up there from before the open source transition is going to be various combinations of broken, buggy, unusable with current master servers, or hard to use on Windows 7 or 64-bit. Things from after the transition are better, but it's confusing overall.

Getting a full stack up and configured will never be completely easy given the complexity involved, but we can at least get it to the point where someone who can follow instructions can do it without trouble in a short time, and have the right instructions there to follow.

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Road Map Status
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