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 Some Questions

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Sir Chandis Kover
Sir Chandis Kover

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PostSubject: Some Questions   Some Questions EmptyThu 14 Aug - 12:45


I hope to avoid having to change engines in the middle of development.

I am planning a large world with hundreds of structures and other assets, a few of which will be usable/equipable, and don't want to have to restart from scratch, if I can avoid it.

My search for engines lead me here, but before I start making assets & terrain, I'd like to know a couple of things:

Is the server authoritative?
Does the server handle all the collisions, events, etc?

Has anyone gotten a world running using this engine?

Is the demo world running?

Thank you.
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Head of Platform Development

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PostSubject: Re: Some Questions   Some Questions EmptyFri 15 Aug - 1:42

The server does not currently handle collisions it can force the players to positions and it knows the positions of all of the objects but it does not import the collision objects nor does it check if the objects collide. The biggest hurdle would be the terrain, it is not loaded at all on the server instead the players height position is calculated client side.

I have a large world running on the server (300K+ objects) and thousands of models.

I do not know if the demo world is currently running.
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Some Questions
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