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 Project - 1661

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Jarod Jennings
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Experienced Newbie
Jarod Jennings

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Project - 1661 Empty
PostSubject: Project - 1661   Project - 1661 EmptyMon 18 Aug - 4:04

Hey Folks! Jarod here...

Looking to recruit some team players to join me with shaping an idea into some resemblance of reality within the 3D world. In brief; an adult classed MMORPG. At the present time, the project has no name except for a designation - 1661.

The premise is rather simple:
A 3D world where player characters can choose their own path, much like reality can be.

How is this possible to achieve without resembling every other MMO out there?

Glad you asked... By creating a framework of options right from the beginning, a player can create their own AVATAR, customise it to fit within their chosen world premise, then jump into a "Time Line" and join others who want the same things as they do.

It sounds like it is on a grand scale... well, it can become that way. The "Time Lines" are specifically chosen by the players and created as base models that can be customised and built upon. In essence, a fantasy world where the Player Characters become "Time Jumpers"

But wait... won't that create some sort of world paradox? Of course it will... that's where each "Time Line" will be unique in that it will have an "Administration" structure to keep things in check and prevent a paradox from destroying the (3D) World as we know it.

Does this concept and idea sound like a challenge? Of course it is! That's why I could use some help with it. To date I have created a base structure for an avatar system, and a series of primary room models, but they really suck and could use some refinement. A gentle nudge or a kick in the right direction would be most helpful at this point.

Please, feel free to contact me via the forum board PM system!

Cheers, Jarod.
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Project - 1661
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