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 Managing a development project

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Managing a development project Empty
PostSubject: Managing a development project   Managing a development project EmptyMon 12 Mar - 19:52

I am only one persona and I doubt I'll ever have anyone else on board. It's a nice thought, but it's still way too early in the game and I know a little about getting people on board for any free, work-intensive, time-consuming project.

I would still like to make a tightly-knit game-plan for creating project goals and time-lines. I'll be keeping my personal time-lines fluid, as I know next to nothing of MMO development, let alone game development. All I have done so far is organize my initial discoveries which are limited to some of the graphics tools for terrain and asset building.

I'm definitely keeping one word .doc for all the programs I'm using and how much they cost, and I'll be including any and all costs from here on out. So far, I've put next to nothing in. Smile

I'd like to get a small manual-section put together for setting up a full-blown server along with everything a person would need to continue development and test it on server-side and client-side, during any phase of development. This would mean a set-up to have a server running, A way for me to monitor the server as the game gets developed, and a way to play the game as a player, during testing phases, as well as giving access to would-be testers to also try out the game from different computers and geographical locations.

I'll scour the wiki, but if anyone has experience with this, I'm all ears.

I'm trying to record and document everything. Blogging and keeping records. In the end it should make for some nice, if not long, reading. Razz I've only got a tiny amount of experience playing with Multiverse compatible terrain generators, so far. That's it! Smile

I'm also going to post in the team thread, but I won't hold my breath. Also, if anyone knows other good resources to find potential, eager participants, I'm all ears. I'm not sure how I feel about that, because I have a definite dream/idea for many detailed parts of the project. I wouldn't really want to give up anything to allow some other person's idea into the game, unless I approved of it first.

Anyways, hope to hear from people who've successfully set up a work-area that allows for full-fledged development and testing of a fantasy MMO. Thanks.
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Managing a development project
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