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 Poser With Multiverse

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PostSubject: Poser With Multiverse   Poser With Multiverse EmptyThu 26 Apr - 18:19

I just picked up a copy of an older version of Poser Pro (2010) since I've always wanted to learn it and it was on sale for ridiculously cheap at a local shop ($49, seems decent to me). Don't know much about it yet, but it's fun to play with so far. Has anyone used it to create models for use with Multiverse? Anything I should know about it?
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PostSubject: Re: Poser With Multiverse   Poser With Multiverse EmptyThu 26 Apr - 23:34

EDIT: I was looking at DAZ tutorials at the same time, so got myself a little confused!

There is a tutorial on the Wiki that covers using DAZ Poser models.


(This is from the old Wiki, as the tutorial images haven't been moved to the version on the new Wiki yet)

Looks fairly straightforward to me - he also wrote modified scripts for SampleCharacterCreation.py and character_factory.py, to enable you to actually include your new models in the character creation dialogue.

He's also got a directory of interesting tools, which include exporters for Blender, SketchUp and even Second Life... I'll take a look at them, see if they're still of any use.
The DAZ plugins are also in that directory - he gives instructions on how to use it during the tutorial.
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Poser With Multiverse
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