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 World Server Down?

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World Server Down? Empty
PostSubject: World Server Down?   World Server Down? EmptyThu 7 Jun - 9:21

Using the client built from trunk source, I can get as far as the character gazebo for the demo (sampleworld). When I try to log in with a character, it times out after about half a minute:

WARN  [2012-06-06 15:18:29,849] Exception            Exception connecting to rdp world server multiversemmo.com:5050 : System.TimeoutException: The operation has timed out.
  at Multiverse.Network.Rdp.RdpClient.Connect(IPEndPoint remoteEP, Int32 millisecondsTimeout)
  at Multiverse.Network.RdpMessageHandler..ctor(IPEndPoint remote, Int32 millisecondsTimeout)
  at Multiverse.Network.RdpWorldMessageHandler..ctor(IPEndPoint remote, MessageDispatcher dispatcher)
  at Multiverse.Network.NetworkHelper.RdpWorldConnect(String hostname, Int32 port)

Is the sampleworld world server running on multiversemmo.com?
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World Server Down?
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