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 "Hello MV World!"

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"Hello MV World!" Empty
PostSubject: "Hello MV World!"   "Hello MV World!" EmptyWed 24 Dec - 0:40

Hi there cheers

Cant believe my luck finding this software! Im a one-man band at present but I am interested to see what I might be able to acheive with Multiverse. I have some programming experiance (not much but some) ..and Im pretty confident when it comes to using softwares, I am eager to to get something started Basketball

Found this site last night. Downloaded the toolsuite, looked at a few models and checked out the sample-world. Im going to setup the server on my machine later today.

I have one question concerning programming language Python, not sure where to ask in forum so figured it wouldn't hurt here:

Should I learn Python 2x or 3x confused ...my guess would be to learn Python 2x but I thought it would be sensible to ask before I dive into anything. I dont really want to learn Java but I am happy to learn Python!

Merry Xmas 1 and all santa and thanks for any help/advise in advance Very Happy
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"Hello MV World!" Empty
PostSubject: Re: "Hello MV World!"   "Hello MV World!" EmptyMon 29 Dec - 20:38

Hello Deanalot and welcome to MV Community!

Yes, MV is a great piece of MMO software and tool. The engine uses C# code, Python scripting and XML for GUI stuff.

In re: to the version of Python, I would say v2 but it wouldn't hurt if you know 3 as well. A general understanding of syntax and commonly used functions is all that is needed. The engine uses Iron Python as its scripting language so you don't need to install it anymore.

I'm also a coder and artist for hire so if you need some assistance, please check my post on the Classifieds Section Cool

Happy Holidays santa
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"Hello MV World!"
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