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 Models to share

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AWM Mars
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AWM Mars

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PostSubject: Models to share   Models to share EmptyTue 4 Sep - 20:33

I created models over the years, and they are available for free use, commercial or not, as long as you do not pass them off as your own work, sell them 'as is', deploy them from another location without my permission. You can of course use them in your own projects, commercial or otherwise, and you do not need to make reference to me, for them.

The format offered is in a 'packed' DPS (similar to zip), which includes the model in DXS format and all textures used in JPG, PNG or BMP formats. In order to use the models, you will need to install DeleD http://www.delgine.com/index.php?filename=product_deled, along with a couple of plug-ins - http://www.delgine.com/plugins/viewPlugin.php?catid=40&catdesc=Exporters&contentid=30 and http://www.delgine.com/plugins/viewPlugin.php?catid=40&catdesc=Exporters&contentid=25 albeit you can get/install a lot more plug-ins http://www.delgine.com/

The reason I give the models away in this format, so you can open the mesh(s) etc in a working modelling programme and make any adjustments you wish, before exporting into other programmes/formats. The idea is, the models are there to hopefully inspire, but can also be used unaltered. I prefer to create 'scene props' as these are tedious but also make a scene.

http://www.awm.mars.yourinside.com/ Enjoy Smile
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PostSubject: thanks   Models to share EmptyThu 6 Sep - 6:21

Thanks AWM

I looked at your models a while ago. Very Happy

They are nicely done.

Like the beach chair and it's reasonably low poly too.

It's true that decorating a level with quality props makes the scene and not everyone
enjoys making the perfect beach chair or picture frame.

Just look at COD and every piece of wood, every cinder block wall is properly UV textured
on almost every face. It's a lot of work.

Love DeleD too...awesome free tool.
I started out coding many years ago in Turbo Pascal and if I ever go back to Pascal/Delphi
I might dig into their source code and have some fun.

Thanks again.
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Models to share
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