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 [World Editor] Importing new SpeedTree models?

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Experienced Newbie
Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: [World Editor] Importing new SpeedTree models?   Mon 19 Mar - 23:39

I cannot get any new SpeedTree models into the Multiverse World Editor, after trying many ways. I've tried using the COLLADA importer and the Asset Importer in various ways, but never with any results.

Does anyone know how to import new SpeedTree files?
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Super Contributor
Super Contributor

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PostSubject: Re: [World Editor] Importing new SpeedTree models?   Fri 4 Jul - 17:38

AFAIK, if you still have the older version of SpeedTree which means the same version as the examples included you can use it without any problems.
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[World Editor] Importing new SpeedTree models?
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